What is Online Divorce?

Online Divorce is a legal resource website owned by me, Nicola Williams, a solicitor mediator who has been practicing family law in England and Wales for around 23 years.

Online Divorce is not a law firm. It offers support and legal  information.

It can’t give advice.  But it can show you how to find it, in all parts of the country and for all types of family law issue.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes

Free legal information in posts and pages

Posts and articles on this website are governed by the law of England and Wales.

Any articles on the site about the law, specifically relate to the law in England and Wales, unless it says otherwise in the article itself.

Legal articles are usually written by me, Nicola Williams. I have many years experience of divorce work, both in and out of court as a solicitor and as a mediator.

Please don’t rely on them exclusively. They are not intended to substitute your own personal, professional legal advice.

Sometimes we all need a little help to find balance

The bigger picture

Divorce isn’t all about legal issues . 

People going through divorce need all sorts of help and advice, such as on:

  • Financial planning
  • Benefits and tax credits
  • Housing
  • Childcare
  • Training
  • Conflict management
  • Wellbeing and health

And so, on this website you will, over time, also start to find more articles on how to find the best help in these other areas for you, wherever you are.

Why am I doing this?

There aren’t enough hours in a day to answer all the questions I am typically asked.

So, I decided to build this website, where I can put general legal information free of charge for my clients to read.

Helping to make family justice accessible to everyone

Couldn't I charge for this?

Yes, I could.

But lawyers have a long history (going back at least as far as the Tudors), of offering help for free to those who really need it – although being lawyers we like to give it a Latin name. …pro bono.

I do also have some advertising on the site and that helps to pay for its administration.

And I will be adding at regular intervals, the option to purchase self-help “e-guides” and tutorials, for those who want more detailed help with specific issues.

Reach out for help when you need it. We all do sometimes.

Self help

Divorce is challenging  (just plain difficult) on so many levels.

Some people are able to help themselves more than others.

There are so many complex reasons for this; and it isn’t consistent across age, background or gender.

If you find you can’t cope with it all, that isn’t weakness.

Those feelings may come and go for a long time before they finally recede into an undisturbed place in your memory.

With help it will get better.

A single professional cannot help with everything you are going through.

Nor can family and friends.

Many people working together can help a lot.


Signposting works well for me.

It makes sense because many of my clients come from other parts of England. I need to show them how to find the right people, in the right locations, to help with their needs.

I’m happy to refer my clients and website visitors to others for expert help when they need it.

And I’m confident enough in my own skills to know that bringing other professionals on board for the good of my clients doesn’t harm my reputation or my business. It enhances it.

Final thoughts..

There is no formula for a good divorce. Just perseverance.

You'll get there.

Nicola Williams 2019 ©

Images by Wokandapix from Pixabay